REAL ESTATE & PROPERTY 房地產 REAL ESTATE & PROPERTY Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Johor jaya Service | Bong & Partners Advocates & Solicitors Singaporean 新加坡籍买卖 Bumi Lot, 土著保留地买卖, Sale and Purchase in the capacity of Church, Temple, Society 教堂,庙宇,社团身份买卖 Companies, Corporate Entity, Invest Holding Companies (IHC) 公司买卖,投资控股公司 Vendor's Solicitor, Purchaser's Solicitor 委托卖家律师,委托买家律师 Sale and Purchase Agreement, Deed of Assignment, Booking Form, Option to Purchase, 拟定/起草买卖合同,转让合同,认购书 Conveyancing, Subsale, Second Hand House 二手买卖,割名,转名流程 Deed of Gift, Love and Affection, Ownership Transfer 赠予,加名字,减名字, First Time Buyer, Low Cost House, Waiver of Stamp Duty 第一次买房,廉价屋,印花税减免,印花税豁免 Real Gain Property Tax (RPGT), Cukai Keuntungan Harta Tanah (CKHT) 产业盈利税,卖屋子给税,政府抽税咨询 Vacant Possession, Encumbrances, Restriction of Interest, Express Condition Sekatan Kepentingan, Syarat Nyata, 交钥匙,产权负担,产权限制, 地契用途

  • Option to Purchase 認購
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) 樓宇買賣
  • Gift 贈與
  • Transfer by way of love and affection 物業近親轉讓
  • Transfer and Transmission pursuant to Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration 遺產轉讓
  • Surrender of existing Malaysia Property in the midst of applying Singapore Citizenship 成為新加坡公民申請放棄產業
  • Application for Low Cost Housing consent  申請廉價屋買賣
  • Application for Bumiputra Release 申請土著單位開放

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